block wood modular architecture

Permana, Gembong, Dimas
Bandung Institute of Tecnology

Project idea

The idea derives from Lego bricks toy that modular characteristics game to develop some various objects where part fitted to another. Similar to Lego concept that a block wood modular architecture design by component which starting a part into plane / wall, structure, and unit which inter-locking system thought another part attachment. Those components become main module intended to easy assembly / knock down system and allow modification form.

Project description

Architecture come to accommodation people to have a convenient shelter, in fact, most business divert architecture become exclusive and limited. There for, we offering a block wood modular architecture respond to demand of affordable housing for ordinary people. Otherwise, it is a new way of modern architecture that collaboration with advantage technology whereas design over view encompasses around; socio-design, techno-design, and eco-design.
• Socio-design
• Response to demand of affordable housing for people otherwise enable to achieve a convenient enough for living.
• Real able for post disaster dwelling.
• Techno-design
• IT implementation for designing and inter-connecting for distance communication around; user, manufacture, delivery, and assembly in particular location.
• Robotic manufacture in order to obtain optimum efficiency, reduced human factor failure, save time and energy consumption.
• Eco-design

Technical information

The material of block wood from fast growing species plantation for maintain supply, definitely block wood is save to environment.
A block wood modular architecture is a conception of the new way to develop a house from component into building moreover housing in habitat, that its hook profile configuration enables to mix and match together so interlocking system to another become integrated.
Arrange by Information Technology to integrate man to software, man to machine, and machine to manufacture autonomously in order to more easy, fast, accurate, low cost and energy consumption. Finally, we develop for the future with the new way of innovation architecture building by combine wood structure system with crowdsource module platform.


Permana, Gembong, Dimas

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