Jackeline Ramon Rivera, Pahola Alexandra Hernandez Morales, Roselia Grajales Tejeda
Christopher Columbus University

Project idea

In order to generate the project, it was important to take into account the influence of the Czech Republic in the development of the project design, which is why we wanted to choose a representative element of the Czech Republic and represent it within the project.

Prague is characterized by a great river that crosses it, called Moldova.

To achieve this concept, the first thing we did was to draw the urban layout of the city of Prague, in order to locate the shape of the river, based on this form that was achieved the distribution and shape of the buildings. This is how the main guiding axis is the river form that we use in the project as such, literally, that is, the trace that was made as a reference, we turn it into a river in our project that crosses the entire project land, This being a very illustrative and clear reference to the city.

Another point to note is that the city of Prague, the most important in the Czech Republic, is known as "the city of a hundred towers" so we wanted to represent this in the project, however the regulations of the contest prevented us from growing much of vertical shape, so we implemented an elongated element in the slope section. This elongated element is not only designed, it also has a biolcimatic utility since it serves as a collector of rainwater and solar energy which will supply part of the demand of the project. This, since an important part of the project was sustainability and bioclimatism, so it was important to add elements of this nature and take into account all the climatic factors of the area.

Finally, we implemented the concept of unity, since an embassy represents this, the union between both nations and their good relationship, so an element was added to show the unification, between the two buildings that were generated, this is why it was made use of a slope that serves as an unification concourse between both buildings. This element also has utility, since underneath it houses installations and areas of storage and maintenance of different elements of the whole project. This concept of unity is also related to the city of Prague itself, and because of the Vltava River, throughout the city we can find a lot of bridges, which can also be interpreted as a symbol of unity and connection.

The main objective was to represent the Czech Republic in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that is why we use representative elements of its most important city, Prague, but without neglecting the fact that the project is located in Addis Ababa and therefore must be coupled and be consistent with its physical context.

Project description

In our project, we incorporate a slope that has two functionalities; the first one is for storage areas and facilities (machinery, cisterns, among others); the second is to give access to the official building and also unifies the two main buildings. this access to the official building of the embassy is located on one side of the esplanade of the slope.
Upon entering the official building we find a wide reception and on the right side the stairs that lead us to the second level, from that same side are the area of offices, secretariat and meeting rooms, on the opposite sidethey find representative areas of the embassy.
In the second level a mezzanine type has been designed in the which will be located the offices of the consulate and rooms of meetings.
The residential building is divided into two sections, one is residences and storage and the other is department representative, the first section consists of two levels so that when we get to the main access we find a corridor to move on the ground floor that is residences and warehouses and a set of stairs for access the second level where residences are located and rooftop. the other section of the building consists of a single level and its entrance takes us to different stores and department representative.
The workforce building is isolated from the other two by considerations of the bases of the contest. at this building there is a corridor in the entrance that leads you to 4 departments for staff, a laundry area and a room of boiler.
A vertical element has been placed in the esplanade of the slope, which serves as a ventilation duct for the area in which there are the facilities and maintenance area.

Technical information

The structural system of our buildings is based on 20 cm thick load-bearing walls on the slope. The building of the official embassy has in the the end of it circular concrete columns with 60 cm diameter and the central columns are steel 60 cm in diameter, steel beams 70 cm high. The residential building is based on steel columns squares of 30 cm and beams of 40 cm of high.
All the the slabs of our buildings are made of 10 cm steel thickness.

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