Kirana Nandang Sadhani Bantilan
Universitas Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta website of the Department of Architecture Universitas Islam Indonesia

Project idea

this daycare for children ages up to 3 years old which located on contoured area about 10 meter from the river. Bring the journey within the building with let the children decide how the journey will begin and end up. their visual will stimulate their mind and create some imagination of trip on the nature. walk down in every exposed wooden framework and the deck inside the building. the fluidity of shape lead them diving into the journey. how the smoothness of shape transformation is.

Project description

Mingle with nature is a big priority on this daycare. to implement that with considering the aspect of orientation, ground cover, contour, vegetation and the wind. maximize thermal comfort to be reached with material choice and how it is processed also adjusting with the area surrounding. the wide canopy of trees help the building has a unique light penetrates through the leaves and the cold temperature. Form of the building taken from circulation phase that transform to a building. with one shape of curve then repeated constantly to get one shape of
building and transform to another building shape. the building are open space So, between classes it will be seen the activity and the life of class

Technical information

For the safe of children, using timber : glue laminated wood and processed into fluid and smooth shape framework. the roof cover using reeds as the adaptation of vernacular architecture to achieve mingle with nature. the shape of floor plan is likes circulation which is smooth and flow it is supporting the journey.

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