Connection - Czech Republic Embassy in Ethiopia

Tongyue Sun
The University of Melbourne

Project idea

The embassy intends to create a connection between Czech and Ethiopia through architectural language. It will satisfy the basic requirements of an embassy while creating a sense of belonging for the staff there and enhance the diplomatic mission by creating a connection between local and foreigners.

Project description

It mainly concerns how can diplomacy shape architecture? Equivalently, how can architecture enhance diplomacy? Starting from research on the diplomacy history between the two countries and their economic relationship, the thesis intends to test the ordinary way in which an embassy connects two countries as a medium.

As an extension of one country’s territory, an embassy usually owns a level of similarity with a defensive fortress, which exists to keep enemy from entering. However, to enhance its function in today’s diplomacy, the main design intent here is to create more connections and communication between the people working inside and the people living outside and to bring people from both sides a sense of belonging.

Embassy with its diplomatic mission should be a place where people from both sides can connect and develop their friendship and understanding towards each other. This design embodies this sense of connection. It will elaborate this connection from 4 aspects: site & context (through generation of the building form), life & work (through sharing flexible space and central courtyard), local & staff (through communal workshops happening between the space), building & nature (through creating landscape gathering water and gardens tailored for multiple activities)

Technical information

Local loam stones techniques for exterior wall
Double glazing with interior louver for east and west facade
Green roof and roof garden for rainwater harvest

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