a roof that connects

Marvin Schmidt
Hochschule Bochum

Project idea

The idea of the design was to take up the structures of the environment and let them flow into the design. Due to the climate with lots of sun and rain I quickly came to the conclusion that it is difficult to move, dry and in the shade between the buildings. So I put a roof over the structure. In order to keep the monolithic structure of the buildings, a joint was made around the building. At the entrances to the individual cubes, the distance is only 20 cm in order to get as dry as possible into the buildings. On the other sides the distance is 1 m. This distance is necessary to get as much light as possible into the lower floor.
Due to the support position of the roof, which is arranged on a 5 m x 5 m grid, high ventilation of the building is possible. Inner courtyards with water areas and trees cool the terrain.
The roof is presented in the same grid outside the buildings with trees. This creates a flowing transition between the building roof and nature.

Project description

The design was mainly based on small models and plans with rooms as surfaces. Especially the schwatzplan for the analysis of the surrounding structures came to bear. In the further work steps rough floor plans were provided. Views and sections were created for the window position and material. Perspectives were created for the spatial feeling.

Technical information

The roof consists of a light steel construction with white metal sheets. The buildings are made of light concrete in order to create a possible lightness. to separate the windows, which were an important element of the design from the house structure, they were made of wood. furthermore, the upper windows were equipped with sun protection. In order to reinforce the roof against horizontal forces, in this case against tilting, the roof is attached to the buildings at some narrow joints.

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