War & peace museum

Amirali Sotoudehnia
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

This museum is located in Laleh park in Tehran.The thing which is unusual is its sharp parts in design.

Project description

I have used sharp forms in order to show the sense of war,explosion,bombing,etc.
This museum consists of artistic things and some weapons.
the area of the land of project is 330 m2 and the number of adding of area of the floors all is 1236.5 m2.

Technical information

The war & peace museum has 5 floors;-1 includes amphitheater,ground floor,shops,managing space,art class and the beginning part of museum which includes of paintings.
1st include weapons and military cloth,2nd floor includes monitors and projectors which show the films of war,and 3rd floor is the floor which shows the advantages of peace and disadvantages of war.


Professor Somayeh Ravanshadnia

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