Interior Design

The Písek Gate

Lucie Chrastilová, Alice Šindelářová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The aim of this project was to come up with new design for the historical Písek Gate which was part of Prague´s fortification.
The Písek Gate is located on the K Brusce 5 street near the metro station Hradčanská. It currently serves as a venue for various events from exhibitions, concerts and theatre performances to wedding ceremonies. The interior design fully maintains its versatility without any significant changes to its historical structure. The main theme of the design is variability of all elements, which can be rearranged and adapted to serve different purposes. This creates many possibilities for how the interior can be organised and divided.

Project description

The main area of the Gate is bent twice. This bend is reflected in three linear structures, of which two run along the walls at the base of the vault and the central one is located high up in the barrel vault. These structures, to which moveable light fixtures are affixed, can be used to divide the interior into smaller sections by having poles with various kinds of fabric attached inserted into them. Opaque fabric can be used to divide up the Gate’s large passageway area during exhibitions. The placement of the structure allows it to provide a front curtain and create a foyer during concerts and other performances. If free passage through the Gate is required, the structures along the walls can be lowered. The interior is completed with adjustable benches, which can be easily transformed into different shapes, including a stage. Padded seat cushions can be added to the benches. In cases when performances will take place and the benches will be used to build a stage, stackable chairs from the storage room can be used for seating. The café remains a café during the day but it is also to serve as a bar at night. For this reason there are foldaway tables attached to the walls, which look like paintings when folded away, thus leaving more space for example for a dance floor. In the corners, there are light fixtures which enhance the shape of the vault.

Technical information

The Gate’s current colour palette, which appears on the brickwork and sandstone blocks, is supplemented with two shades of blue, which appear on the upholstery of the benches and chairs. The colour of the new furniture is dark brown. The interior of the café has new brick flooring and golden light fixtures, which represent the sandstone colour.


Petra Lenz

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