Family house in Jizera mountains

Kristýna Kundrátová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The land, where the building is placed is in a village Horni Maxov in the Jizera mountains. It is typical by its sport-recreation activities, typical mountain environment and climate and often traditional architecture, especially timbered houses. The house is shaped by these specifics and respects them.

Project description

Cílem návrhu je dům, který bude ve všech směrech v harmonii vůči prostředí, ve kterém se nachází. Bude reagovat na okolí a svým charakterem odpovídat typologii rodinnému domu a také horskému prostředí, které je v místě velmi znát.

The house is trying to have the right flow in its environment, it is creating something like a layer in a terrain. This principle is followed by the green roof on that part of the house. On this layer is lying a typical house in czech traditional form of architecture. You can only see this traditional part of the house from the road. The down part is long, with a lot of glass and is opening to a large garden, which is finishing with a river.

Technical information

The house is mostly made of reinforced concrete with steel columns in the glass part. The roof construction is made out of timber.

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