Crescenzago 2030

Alice Šindelářová, Miroslav Mynář
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

Výstavba sociálních bytů v severovýchodní části Milánu, včetně úpravy již existujících panelových domů a návrhu spojovacího parku - vše v souladu s ideou udržitelného rozvoje a plánu Milano2030.

Construction of new social housing at Crescenzago, the suburbs of Milano. The project includes a proposition for refurbishing nearby older blocks of flats and proposes a new public space - park - to connect both parts. The whole project is designed according to the sustainable development idea plan for Milan - Milano2030.

Additional information can be found in the portfolio:

Project description

The whole project consists of 3 parts:
- A, the new buildings.
- B, refurbishment of the existing buildings.
- C, public space.

The advantages of the place includes proximity to a large park for leisure and offices offering job opportunities, the accessibility of the location is great thanks to aboveground metro.
However the plot currently doesn't use those advantages for its benefits. The plot is currently being used as a car park with unkempt greenery, access to the metro station is dark and narrow... Also, potential problem is the bigger distance from educational institutions, especially elementary schools or kindergartens.
The project proposes creating 281 flats of variable sizes from minimal 28m2 for students to 105 m2 for larger families. At the ground level, there are commercial spaces supporting local economy and livening up the public spaces. There is also a new kindergarten in the calmer part of the new area with direct acces to the community garden.

Technical information

The buildings are designed to have minimal energy demand through long proccess of evaluating and refining the proposal at each step, from the initial urban design to designing facades and technical details.
Thanks to the effort, the calculated energy demand is only 8,07 kWh/m2a, which will be covered from fotovoltaic panels and geothermal heat pump. There is no need for cooling the apartments mechanically using AC or similiar means.


Josef Smola, Ladislav Kalivoda, Jiří Novák, Aleš Brotánek, Martin Stark

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