URBAN REFILL - An Artist Studio

Saviru Jayasinghe
Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Lisboa

Project idea

In this project the expectation was to design a small free-standing building which is a studio cum bedsitter for a creative artist at a given site at Slave Island, Sri Lanka. This studio should mainly respond to both the character of the artist and the art form. Objective of this Design project is to understand the user and design for a specific user, providing architecture that will reflect their character while facilitating the best atmosphere and required space to perform the art form.

Project description

The design consists of the following:
• A Lobby with a client meeting space along with a open exhibition space
• A studio space custom designed to reflect the specific artist’s style of art, use of art media and personal preferences.
• Basic accommodation that would allow for a sleeping/resting space where the artist can stay overnight.
• Small pantry and bathroom to provide necessary facilities for the artist when staying over and working for several days at a stretch.
• A manual elevator with a counterweight system

Technical information

The structure is made using a old container box as the main element and also materials such as concrete, glass and steel are used. The three primary colours blue yellow and red are used for coverings.


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