Apartment building Bubeneč

Michaela Zámečníková
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

Subject of this diploma thesis is a design of a set of apartment buildings in Prague 6 Bubeneč. The site urbanism was created in pre-diploma project. The architecture of apartment buildings is based on their location. The main view overlooks the river Vltava, which is in close. Every house has five above-ground floors. There are always two houses connected by common above-ground garages, which are creating notional pedestal of the buildings. The garage roofing is also creating private gardens for individual flats. The above-ground garages were chosen because of possible floods. The pedestal is lined with wooden slats to provide a pleasant connection with the main pedestrian zone which runs along the buildings.

Project description

Every house has five floors above the ground. First floor consist of an entrance hall, garage, stairs with elevators and stocks. Second and other above ground floors consists of flats. Each apartment building is completed with balconies on three sides and the loggia completes the facade from the fourth south-west side.

The fifth floor is indented and completed with a large rooftop residential terrace. The facade is simply white and anthracite smooth plaster, which is complemented by perforated sheet metal on the balconies and by wooden divisions. The set of apartment buildings is connected by greenery and a relaxation zone.

Technical information

The main materials used are concrete, wood, perforated sheet metal. The bearing system of the building is a reinforced concrete column system. The exterior facade is made of white and anthracite plaster.

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