Interior Design

Ibis Hotel's restaurant, Prague

Veronika Svobodová, Barbora Holubová, Markéta Válková
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

Hotel Ibis Prague Wenceslav Square is a three-star hotel situated in the center of Prague, around 10 minutes of walk from Wenceslav square. Our target was to create the new face of hotel catering space. Current spaces are equipped especially by wooden dark shaded furniture, these spaces looks grim together with darkly painted walls and the impression is rather gloomy thanks to tangle of colors and materials. That‘s why our target was to create uniformed look, deliver a new fresh energy to these spaces and to bring here a light and greenery from adjoining terrace. To create modern, uniform, light, skyey, playful, fresh and living interior.

Project description

We have located three functions to the rectangular catering space and divided the room into three main parts – to catering part, lounge part and into the bar part. The main role plays the central bar in this spatial partition – the central bar
is the dominant of the space. Two supporting columns, in the bar part, are the next space-making elements, we have also created the additional bar seating with the ceiling LED lightning around those columns, which creates the ilussion of the light box around the table. And finally, we have created metal racks with wooden boxes with greenery, which are helping to add privacy of the entrances to toilets, to changing room and which are covering the background of the bar, where they are also providing storage space.

Technical information

There is clearly reflected intension of creating light and skyey interior. Main materials are bright wood – pine plywood, white padding and natural grey stone floor. The fundamental fact is also the using of subtle golden shaded metal elements on racks with wooden boxes with greenery, on the seating construction or on lightning. The most important element is greenery, which is gradually penetrating from the outside terrace and bring the freshness and energy to the interior. The another energetic and living element of the interior is a human being himself. He brings a color accent into the finely arranged interior.

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