embassy as the trigger shaping policy

haotian zeng
The University of Melbourne

Project idea

Most embassies are using architecture as the expression of national identity or strength. But the promotion of culture, economy, education and etc and still limited to the official policies in document papers. In other words, promotions related to mutual development are not triggered by embassy architecture but the policy documents issued.
But if embassy only exists as the diplomatic working space, why countries still spending huge money on building it on foreign soil?
The site of the embassy in addis ababa represents Czech in diplomacy level. Embassies are now more engaged in the day-to-day management of bilateral relationship. Of course, this role will always be subordinate to the MFA(ministry of foreign affairs), but advice offered by embassies is crucial. Is there a possibility setting interaction programs(space and facilities) for the local people while remaining essential programs?
This project aims to use architecture as an answer: How the role of Czech embassy could be in promoting mutual development under the frame of BDCP (Bilateral Development Cooperation Programm of the Czech Republic & Ethiopia 2018-2023)

Project description

There are three main hierarchies in this project, for visitors, representatives and civic organisations. By offering interaction programs( education workshops, self- study space and etc, mainly for civic organisations like NGO ) and gallery experience for representatives and civic organisations, using architecture as the medium, promoting the mutual development under BDCP frame

Technical information

There is a wall inside separating the site into the left for local workforce and the right for embassy complex. The main entrance is in the south and logistics in the north while the residence entrance in the east side. There are three main parts in the embassy complex , official area in the left , gallery and workshop space in the middle while residential part in the east side.

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