Czech Republic Embassy of Technology and further advancement of eastern Africa

Oliver Míček
The University of Melbourne

Project idea

This thesis argues that the new Embassy of the Czech Republic should not only provide superior embassy facilities for the building users and visitors. But it should also support the local economy and people who would not typically use the embassy. Support through various levels further allowing greater leverage into the emerging economy of both Ethiopia and the surrounding nations.

This embassy will allow anyone equal access to education directly relating to the marketed products and services provided by Czech Republic based Technology and agricultural companies. Allowing for stronger returns on current technological investments as they lead to increased agricultural production allowing for more readily available food for both the domestic and export market.

Promoting the future development of industries that can take full advantage of imported technology from the Czech Republic to address a multitude of current economic and humanitarian concerns. As both Addis Ababa and rural Ethiopia face ever-increasing complexities of a rapidly increasing population and urbanization without secure access to technology and food.

Project description

Addis Ababa represents a particular variation of freedom as everyone competes for economic success, social benefits and above all survival. I am promoting an embassy of technology that allows people from not just Ethiopia but neighboring countries to visit, learn and be influenced by Czech Technology. This assimilation of technology can then be used to increase food production an ever increasing concern as the population continues to rise.

Technical information

The construction method of this project is based The SUDU (Sustainable Urban Dwelling Unit) a project that was completed by ETH in Addis Ababa. I have pushed these findings further to work for both the local staff housing and embassy staff housing.

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