The embassy of the Czech republic - Addis Ababa

Jakub Koštýř
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The main idea of the study is to create an clearly arranged complex of the Czech embassy. The area of the embassy is composed of four single masses connected with a colonnade. The colonnade visually divides the plot into a residential and representative, protect against rain and helps visitors navigate around the area.

Project description

The object of study of the embassy in Addis Abbaba in Ethiopia for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The land is located in district Kirkos at Bole Kifle Katema Kebele 6.
On the southern part of the plot is planned connection of the dead end with the western road to improve the accessibility of the surrounding location. A residential building for the local forces is designed on this part of the plot.
The area of the embassy is composed of four single masses connected with a colonnade. The colonnade visually divides the plot into a residential and representative part and concurrently colonnade is the main communication of the Embassy. Each building is composed on the plot with regrad to interconnecting the individual functions with the exterior and thus define the individual spaces for different uses. The entire complex is dominated by a combination of concrete with subtle copper lamellas over two floors.
For easy public access a consular and visa building is located on the east boundary. Consular and visa building is 174,4 m2. Next building is an embassy building with administrative and representative functions. Office part is 1641,7 m2 big. The residential building of the embassy‘s employees is located on a private part of the complex. Residential building of embassy staff is 1242,7 m2. The entire composition of the buildings is completed by the residential building of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, which is connected with the central representative garden and have 501,6 m2.

Technical information

All structures will be made from C30/70 reinforced concrete using B500 steel. The facade is made of vertical copper slats extending over two floors that shield the windows. The source of heat in the embassy was solved by means of deep boreholes of the heat pump in combination with the electric boiler. The building is heated by underfloor heating. The heat pump and the boiler will also be used for water heating. Each of the buildings of the embassy's area contains a room for its own air-conditioning, a boiler, a replacement source, a UPS and a power supply. A sufficiently substantial own source of drinking water for self-sufficiency will be built on the land of the embassy. Ventilation of buildings is ensured by means of its own central airtight unit located in the basement of buildings.


doc. Ing. arch. Ladislav Tichý, CSc.

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