Digi-Creative Community Center

Indira Dwiyanza Noviantika
Brawijaya University, Malang

Project idea

The Indonesia government established BEKRAF to support creative industries in the country. BEKRAF is like ‘the light’ for creative people and communities in Indonesia that their works are finally have chance to be seen.
Malang City, a city that named as ‘Educational City’ has a big potential in digital creative which is lot of creative communities and achievements in this city. Also, Malang City is preparing to be a Digital Creatives City.
But on the other side, there is no special space yet for digital creative communities in Malang City. So the solution is, making a facility for communities to work together and it can be a meeting point for the communities.

Project description

The project is located in Veteran Street, Malang City.
The site is beside a Shopping Mall and schools are around.
The location is very strategic because near from university and school that is the main users or targets for the Community Center.

Technical information

back and forth on the facade of the building is the implementation of the concept of teamwork and affecting the inner layout.
This impression reinforces the geometric impression on the building.
Wide flat roof in response to ecological analysis, as an antidote to rain and excessive sunlight. also as a unifier and simplification of buildings.

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