The Doors of Perception:Artistic Interpretation

Yi-Zhen, Chen
National Taipei University of Technology
Taiwan, Province of China

Project idea

In my family, have a high risk of mental illness, and my sister is a patient who has been suffering from Major Depressive Disorder. This is a spiritual war; a burden that needs love to make up of. I think my sister is my inspiration, her spirit touched me; and her smile to whom she loved is also the smile to my life.

Back to the essence of mental illness-Dissociation. In fact, everyone is able to face dissociation within a day. From the passing of time during watching TV, daydreaming to Dissociative Identity Disorder are all categories of Dissociation. Severe Dissociation may comorbid with depression, anxiety. For modern urbanites, Dissociative Fugue is a contemporary hidden epidemic. The therapeutic method is to understand the patient's memory and fantasy during fugue through the patient's paintings, that colors and geometry symbols have its own unique meaning. The main part of this design is how to transform the paintings to the architectural form of patient healing through Arts Therapy.

Project description

The therapist is the subject, and the patient is the object. The patient's paintings act as a bridge between the therapist and the patient. The spatial structure of the patient has changed through the interpretation of the image structure by medical professionals. In the design, the therapist disassembles the original painting and further explains the art reasonably. Attempts to create a logical system to design an imagery space in architecture.

Technical information

According to five paintings, 10 spaces are translated according to previous symptoms. Using paths to connect spaces. The contour lines are used to imply these paintings are illusions which is not real. Compare 10 unrealistic spaces, and try to explain expression of surrealism. In the imagery space, Arches, squares, stairs, and pillars all have strong symbolic meanings, and often appear in dreams. So, these objects in this project is to express the time of fugue and the scene of dream.

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