María Fernanda Meza Monterrubio, García Olvera Dayanira, Limón Gónzalez Ricardo
UNAM, Facultad de Arquitectura, Mexico City

Project idea

The embassy area expresses its own form and content with an adequate level of representation, reflecting the environment and the conditions of the place, while meeting the requirements of functionality and program.
One of the architectural solutions was it's expressiveness, high quality of execution, rational desing and the choice and use of coherent materials, maintaining the typological attributes of diplomatic buildings.

Project description

The concept of the Embassy is trasnsparency, it is reflected in the clarity of the crystals that allow an interaction between inside and outside.
The main objective of the embassy is to allow social integration and mutual communication through certain elements. such as the gardens and the representative area.

Technical information

The plans were made in Autocad, the setting of the master plan in photoshop and the 3d modeling was done in archicad, the renders were executed in Lumion.


Meza Monterrubio María Fernanda
García Olvera Dayanira
Limón Gonzalez Ricardo