Czech Republic Embassy

Alexis Acevedo Alonso, Juan Daniel López Juárez
Christopher Columbus University

Project idea

The main idea of ​​the project was to look at the flag of the Czech Republic and take the triangle as an example. In this way, you get a building with 3 sides and break a bit with the scheme of square and rectangular buildings.

Project description

The project consists of five buildings of different uses. The two small rectangles we have on the right side are the visa area and the consulate and on the side we have the workforce building.
On the left side we have the official building, as well as its resident staff and residence. It also has a recreational area in the back with three areas: basketball, soccer and tennis. As also on the right side of the land has a pool area olympic.

Technical information

The buildings are built with concrete walls, columns and steel beams, as well as ribbed slabs.
At the same time, the official building has a rainwater collector through the roof slab, to reduce water consumption and achieve a more sustainable embassy.
Likewise, on the lower exterior of the right side of the land we have a cistern that collects rainwater since in that area it is flooded during the rainy season in order to satisfy the green areas.
Outside we have green areas, pots and trees to achieve greater comfort and avoid heat islands.


Authors: Alexis Acevedo Alonso, Juan Daniel López Juárez.
Collaborating: Adrian Atristain Marin.

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