Embassy Project

Angel de Jesús Pérez Cervantes, Victor Manuel Sanchez Alvarado
Christopher Columbus University

Project idea

The project was born as a proposal for the project, inspired by symbols of each nation to have the architectural proposal and zoning, respecting the guidelines of the contest, the characteristics of a government building and the spaces required and provided by the same contest.

Project description

The scope of the project was to make the proposal of the embassy of the Czech Republic in Ethiopia, taking into account the requirements of spaces, and adding pleasant views and routes, taking into account the characteristics of a government building, but that is friendly to the inhabitants , providing many green spaces that make the stay more enjoyable there. Using as a Czech symbol the flag and as an Ethiopian symbol the baptismal cross to form the architectural composition.

Technical information

As for technical specifications, we have that the set is made of steel columns of 40 by 40 cm, and dividing walls of 14 cm with insulating membrane. On the shoe side, they are waiting for soil analysis, although a possible proposal may be insulated concrete footings.


The authors of the project are the 2 mentioned above, plus one of support, Rafael Damian Jimenez and Architect Adrian Marin

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