The area of castle Liteň / nearby Beroun, Czech

Julie Salavová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The design was focused to the renovation of the area of castle Liteň, mainly farm buildings which were devastated during the last 50 years. According to the history, when the castle used to be the center of innovations, czech culture and opera, the design is focused to involve and motivate comming people. Every year the opera festival of Jarmila Novotná takes place there, and so do it was important to find the balance inbetween of amount of people.

To find the way of architectural face, which had to cope with the difference of classical baroque, traditional czech architecture housing around and the 21. century, there was used a paraphase. The baroque ornament translated as the showen princips of construction. Cornice was said to be the expressive detail by attic and chambranie as the change of window lining material.

Anyway the big inpact was given to the interior - it´s materiality, using as many current constructions as possible and it´s interaction with new concreet-wooden constructions with steel in detail. With the idea to point out the historical value.

Project description

The project consists of the complex urbanism design of the castle area and new program with plan how to fill it in to bring the life in there. Next there are detailed designs of selected houses - consist of plans, sections, facades and perspectives.

Technical information

1 x axonometry of the area, with it´s boundry
1 x section of the area
1 x quantifier of the program
6 x floor plan
2 x section
3 x view
6 x perspective

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