Cabin in the wods by the sea

Josep Font
Escola Tecnica Superior d'Arquitectura de la Universitat Ramon Llull - La Salle, Barcelona

Project idea

The work consists in projecting a cabin in a stone pine grove by the sea, near Antonio Bonet’s “La Ricarda” in El Prat de Llobregat, Catalonia.
The aim is to create a minimal but confortable space in the woods, related with the site, with its perennial vegetation, the sea, and having in mind the mediterranean climate.

Project description

The cabin is found after walking through the woods, right before entering a clearing in which edge it is found, acting as a passage from shade to light.
The floor plan consists in a rectangle folded with an angle to maximize insolation and views, and articulating the space by generating an element that serves as a hearth inside and as a barbecue outside, encouraging both inside and outside activities, maximizing the dwelling's relation with nature.

Technical information

Balloon frame structure is the system chosen for this project. Also stone and metallic stucture are used. A terrace with a porch links the inside and the outside space and generates shadow in summer.
Ribbed steel sheets act both as roof covering and as a sliding security enclosure in both entrances. Warm colours and traditional materials such as natural stone and wood can be seen in the inside. Synthetic panels are used in the facade.
The result is a minimal dwelling thet relates inside and outside and assimilates the nature that surrounds it.

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