Embassy of the Czech Republic, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Oldřich Mervart
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The shape solution is based on the spatial, dispositional and functional layout. With its longitudinal symmetrical shape oriented transverse axis to the north-south, it determines the arrangement of the garden. The main entrance is oriented from the northern road. The consular and visa sections are located at the head of the building, leading to the main route from the airport and further to the center. The accommodation facility for the local staff is situated in the southern corner of the plot along the newly designed road.

Project description

The main building of the embassy combines all functions on two above-ground and one underground floor. The eastern wing is functionally defined for representative and administrative spaces. The western wing is defined for the ambassador's premises and its residence; the end of the western wing consists of the housing part of the employees of the embassy. Arrangement of the garden is
based on separate private and representative parts. From main lobby and representative rooms there ara access to representative garden. From apartments sections are access to private garden with pool, universal playground and outdoor kitchen.

Technical information

Calculations are based on two variants, a variant with non-heat-resistant reinforced concrete wall th. 300 mm and insulated reinforced concrete wall th. 300 mm with thermal insulation th. 100 mm. The analysis found that it is more energy-efficient to design a non-insulated object, but with a roof insulated. On the basis of the determined energy intensity in individual months, including internal profits, the energy intensity of the building was determined within a year, related to the square meter of the floor area.
The energy demand per square meter of floor area = 13.02 kWh / m2 and year


Ing. arch. Jaroslav Daďa

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