Multifunctional Building Malesice

Lucie Medová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The project focuses on joining of a shopping mall and a temporary accommodation in one multi-purpose building with a nearly zero energy building standard ambitions. The fourstoreys high building situated in a core zone of a newly designed residential-administrative part of Prague-Malesice attracts visitors of the shopping mall by a transparent parterre with a restaurant and cafes and vegetation features applied on glazed facades and terraces. The shape with rounded corners stands up non-conflictly yet refreshingly in a particular place context. Housing units forming pushed-in cubes in higher floors take cover under accented cornices. An alternative to a traditional principles is a use of geothermal boreholes and utilization of passive solar gains for a positive energy balance. Parking for visitors and accommodated is enabled under the building, providing room for cyclists, motorcyclists and electromobiles.

Project description

The project consists of an architectural design of a building formally separated in two mass layers. Lower with shopping mall and upper with accomodation units. Both layers are connected through an open atrium bringing a bright light into the central space. Part of the project is a design of a mall interior and parterre both with plan and visualisation. The design has been supported by static and thermal calculations. The project contains also general fire safety solution and sanitary instalation design.

Technical information

The building with 2 200 sqm built-up area and 11 600 sqm gross floor area contains 69 parking spaces, 13 tenant units and 37 accomodation rooms. Even though a considerable amount of glazed facades the design is significantly energy efficient consuming only 77kWh/m2 per annum of an energy supply using alternative sources, rainwater and greywater management.

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