Railway station

Yoel Mukalay
RISEBA University Faculty of Architecture and Design

Project idea

The idea behind the project is the deep aspiration to bring some changes in my hometown's architecture which has not evolved for years. The railway station was the best option for me to start with for the simple reason that I want to stimulate the use of that mean of transport which is profitable for a my motherland land, the Congo D.R. The main goal is to achieve what many have no more hope in, the development of the city, and to have such a facility erected right in the heart of the city, the impact will definitely be significant.

Project description

Architecture scope of work
*General indicators
-1st floor plan
-2nd floor plan
-3rd floor plan
-Roof Plan
-Facade Axes 1-12
-Facade Axes A-H
-Facade Axes 1-14
-Section S-12
-Glass Facade Unit
-Facade Systems, Roofing
-Wall, roofing
-Construction Types
-Facade Color Passport
-Window Specification
-Door Specification
-Facade System Specification
-Glass Partition Specifications
*VAR Environmental Protection Measures

Technical information

*Technical information
-Building floor area: 5650 m2
-Territory area: 39180 m2
-Floors: 3 levels
-Height: 16.5 meters
Foundations – bored concrete piles
-Walls – Bricks 120*250 mm
-Roof – concrete frame / steel frame

*Design Program: * Lobby, ticket sales offices, operational offices, * luggage’s facilities (670 m2),
*offices of personnel(1904 m2), * stair hall, toilets (725 m2).
*waiting rooms, platform (810 m2),
*convenience store, restaurants (530 m2),

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