Muhammad Anas, Naveed Sharif
NED University of Engineering and Technology, Department of Architecture, Karachi

Project idea

The idea was to design a healthcare (O.P.D) withe the environment comfortable for everyone and to accommodate people

Project description

I started my project with my very initial step research like i searched about many architects and their works for my case studies then in the very first i did zoning and tried to developed conceptual form and then in the second step i developed my form and come up with the concept of
1. Minimalist architecture
2.Indoor outdoor connectivity
I tried to make a healthcare not like a hospital instead tried to develop a feel like resort in order to make people feel comfortable as the people afraid of hospital and i also worked on sustainable architecture like passive cooling , natural light etc

Technical information

I developed my form with the H-shape planning which derived from the healthcare's (H) and as far as elevations are concerned i developed my elevations with the cross sign which shows life(health) and created hierarchy

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