Cohousing Block in Poblenou, Barcelona, Spain

Karine Bagdasaryan
Escola Tecnica Superior d'Arquitectura de la Universitat Ramon Llull - La Salle, Barcelona

Project idea

The whole organisation of the building is contributing to the process of finding solution to the one of the main problem of modern city life.

Project description

The idea of providing public spaces and gardens for the residents on each floor in order to enhace the quality of living. These spaces link with the circulations around main patio by generating more informal resting and meeting areas like a restaurant on ground floor, reading area on first, common laundry, spa and a winter garden on top terrace floor. The 3 typologies of the apartments each have a set of constant and variable 'modules'. Constant ones include 1 parking place for a car + place for a bicycle, bathroom, kitchen, small dining zone, living area, bedroon, garden or balcony, and an inbetween area that can become communal depending if the apartment is occupied or not. Variable 'modules' are those that increase the m2 size of ech next unit type, such as bigger dining zone, living, adding bedrooms.

Technical information

Plot m2 = 603
Footprint m2 = 603
Amount of Buildings = 1
Amount of Floors above the ground = 7
Amount of undergroung Floors = 1
Typical Floor Area m2 = 435
Total Number of Apartments = 15
Apartment Unit C Area m2 = 100
Type = Simplex

Each floor type changes by 90 degree rotation those creating diagonal corner connections between each floor level around a central patio.
Outer layers of facade consisting of steel mesh and polycarbonate vertical slats create the depth and 'see through' condition through the whole building.

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