Savile Row Academy

Samuel Baxter Michael Douglas Plank
Kent School of Architecture, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent
United Kingdom

Project idea

A tailoring academy on Swanscombe peninsula in Kent. Located on Botany Marsh specifically the project will introduce the world to a new Kentish Tweed. The site will use the land as a Kentish botanical garden to create the materials for the dyeing process. This all while linking the space to the proposed Paramount World.

Project description

Tailors on Savile Row have slowly started to get displaced from other businesses taking over and landlords outpricing the buildings. The Savile Row Academy looks to popularise the tailoring education and maintain/stabilise the growth into the next generation. Each tailor would have a five-year residency at the academy where they would be able to train students using the facilities. They would also have exclusive access to Kentish tweed for that time period. This tweed would be created by the students to learn the trade of looming and understand the materials on a more intimate level.

Technical information

Key Animation, Landscape for the entire botanical garden technical sections through the timber and concrete construction of the building. Final Plans, Sections, Elevations and Axonometrics.

Focusing on a Blue Roof system for rainwater harvesting, the design of this building implements various other technical systems. There is a ground source heat pump that uses this grey water collected in a system to heat and cool the spaces depending on what the occupation is.

Bespoke tailoring techniques have been used on the shuttering of the curved concrete faces in order to generate these as a response to the occupation of the space.

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