Liteň Castle Grounds

Martin Hlusička
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

This master thesis is proposing a new way to use Liteň Castle grounds. The point is inserting three new main uses of different parts of the area - student rural studio, a place for the organization of classical music festivals and renting the castle and its gardens. The project includes working with the existing buildings as well as inserting new ones - the studio and student housing. The point of this design isn't to fill the area with new buildings, but rather meaningfully and timelessly use existing buildings and highlight the historical character of the place. The general rule of this project is the concept that the new elements are easily recognizable from the old ones, but they respect the old morphology.

Project description

This is a project proposal in the level of architectural study with one chosen building (the studio) in a level of detail required for a czech building permit.

Technical information

The project includes masterplan, floorplans of all important buildings in the area and their facades or sections. There are visualizations, drawings and descriptions. The technical part includes drawings in detail of a building permit, static design and technical infrastructure schemes. Full technical report and energy label are included.

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