Hyesoo Kim
Republic of Korea

Project idea

One of the items that should be equipped in order to become a good building in the urban environment is how to provide the public space in the city and how the provided space is harmoniously balanced. When a city is a collection of buildings, respecting the context of the land is very important and meaningful. From this point of view, the architect should design a new building, presenting the historical context, current and future vision of the city.
Architectural Design Studio 05 starts with a question about the publicness of architecture, from the viewpoint of the city that architecture first looks at. The relationship between the private and public spheres in the city is defined, and the publicness of the city among these spheres is studied and suggested alternatives.
This project started with the question of what architecture can do for the revitalization of the city from the viewpoint of city in connection with 7017 to Seoul.
In order to make the physical and visual connection along the axis of 7017 to Seoul, we bring the facade of the back buildings and take the form of the building, not the inside of the building but the question of how to be recognized from the outside.
In addition, we selected 'e-library', a program that can show that Korea is an IT powerhouse, because it is located close to Seoul Station and tourists visiting 7017 in Seoul. We organized the necessary programs for family tourists visiting Seoul, foreign tourists using Seoul Station, and the general public.

Project description

The biggest feature of the 7017 in Seoul is the view of the sky. Because it was a highway in the past, the neighboring buildings are not adjacent, and the sky passes through the lower part of the building.
The west of 7017 is blocked by residential complexes and their attached facilities, so people do not go well. Also, since the sightseeing spot is not located adjacent to the 7017, the flow of the shaft can be seen to be disconnected.
The site at the west end of Seoul will be used as a site to save the flow of the road to Seoul.

You can see that the axis to Seoul is physically connected behind the selected site. Also, it can be seen that the axis to Seoul is visually connected to the sky. To take advantage of these physical and visual connections, I took the elevation of the rear building and formed the building. The building is broken down to each road to open the way to meet the selected site. They flow naturally through the roads into the building.

Each program was placed in five buildings. The program is arranged with a layered structure so that the characteristics of the roads facing each building and the programs aimed at the users are arranged and the views reflected on each floor are diversified.

5 The nature of the external space is also defined by the programs of the building. The outer space is made corresponding to the characteristics of the roads connected to the site.
1 It is a space facing Seoul and provides a play space for children in connection with the Great Hall.
2 It is possible to enter through the road connecting the residential area and connect to the central space of the site. It becomes a space where you can read a book outdoors with a book cafe in the center.
3 The lawn space created using the slope of the existing site becomes an outdoor theater.
4 open two buildings facing it created a lounge hologram concert hall.

Technical information

As you can see from the detail drawing, we took the form of curtain wall facade type but fix it from the inside so that the joint is not visible from the outside. And we wanted to use the side beams to secure the floor space and facility space.

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