An Equestrian Center

Matthew Choy
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Architecture, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Project idea

The concept of the Equestrian Center is to create a series of roof design under the same structural type that would respond to the occupant's needs and climate, providing a comfortable experience for horse riders.

Project description

The folding roof form of the buildings serves different purposes for the occupants below. The Arena's roof is designed to be a large wind catcher with the large triangulated openings facing the prevailing wind. Since the site is located in Cairns Australia which could be quite hot in the summertime, the wind catcher provides cool air to the riders. The Stable's tapered roof allows rainwater to drain down a collection point where the horses get their water. The guest center's roof is lifted upwards on the side where the sun is mostly at during the day to allow indirect sunlight to illuminate the interior space inside. The three roofs all have their own design that caters the occupants below.

Technical information

The structural type for my project is folded plates, which are made by large wooden beams with internal members forming the structure of the plates. Polycarbonate acrylic act as the roof and due to its translucent properties, providing sunlight into the interior. The Plates are connected by steel bands wrapping around the plates and welded together. The roof is connected with the columns and walls with a clamp that extends from the ground and holding onto the plates.

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