Interior Design

Modular Collective Housing: The Neighborhood & Housociety

Meixi Xu
School of Visual Arts | New York NY
United States of America

Project idea

The Neighborhood is a modular housing system that focuses on unifying a diverse community of people by utilizing common spaces that encourage interactivity. The Neighborhood is a prefabricated residential system that provides custom services for multi-family modular units. Each design is a great representation of the versatility and wide range of customization capabilities of The Neighborhood housing system.

Housociety has the potential to make the users have more interactions in reality instead of virtual connections, and it promotes wellness through the in- dividual unit and communal space by making users share moments and activities through physical connections. According to the research, people were generally happier decades ago than now, because social connections are good for people’s mental health. Housociety re-defines the lifestyles we live in now and also the future: How society (Housociety) connects The Neighborhood community, and different generations who live in this community.

Project description

Operating as a building block that is part of The Neighborhood integrated system, Housociety is a combination of well-oriented and multi-functional modular construction that promotes a wellness experience for users who live in this community. Modular construction breaks from traditionally built projects and allows novel designs to be realized. Modular Housociety may be suited for a wide variety of environments, varying from urban to rural.

Technical information

System & Flexibility
Housociety modular homes can be set in a location of their choice, rural, urban, or suburban.
The modules can combine in a variety of ways: horizontal, and vertical. In the way Housocieties are built, the system becomes The Neighborhood, and various public spaces appear.
The advantage for Housociety is having the potential to let more people live in this modular home. For example, the multi-generational family rooms can shift into two separate shared-dorm for people who just graduated from college and looking for comfortable, affordable housing to live in.
Quality of Living
Space quality is our priority when we design a space: exploring the in-betweenness of publicity and privacy, appropriate space for storage, and relaxed entertaining space. Each individual room is multi-functional, and there are built-in storages in each room to ensure there are enough spaces for people to organize their personal belongings in the space.
The alternative private space allows each person to have both relaxed and working space in their own shelter. People who do not know each other also have the opportunity to use the shared public space including a living area, and an open kitchen. By combining both individual and community space in one modular home, people bond and connect, and the action helps us to emphasize the concept of The Neighborhood and Housociety.

There is sufficient light in each space, and people have access to the outdoor terrace in various locations within the modular home. The openness of the space creates a feeling of comfort and also helps people to reduce their anxiety.
Besides the multi-functional of the modular home, nature is a vital element of people’s living. To enhance the quality of living and wellness, a terrace is added to each module. Members of the unit can enjoy themselves and do a variety of activities on the terrace.
Having a small gathering in the shared terrace space will not only improve people’s relationships but also reduce the use of electricity by using natural outdoor thermal energy.

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