The Thread of Ariadne

Adelina Alekseeva
Academy of Architecture and Arts
Russian Federation

Project idea

The intricate and complex maze is a symbol of human existence,moving forward, you can find a dead end, find an unexpected way out, get confused, suddenly far away from the exit, and then quite unexpectedly find the desired path that gives the Thread of Ariadne. The environment of the Decorative lake is fascinating, the project becomes a part of it without breaking the rhythm of nature. Based on the myth of how Ariadne saved These from the Minotaur. The myth tells about the hero's feat Theseus, who went to the island of Crete to defeat the Minotaur. Every year the monster demanded the sacrifice of seven young people. That it did not break free, it was kept in a maze built by the great scientist Daedalus. The daughter of the king of Crete Ariadne fell in love with Theseus and ventured to help, although she realized that she would anger the ruler. She knew that even if the hero wins the Minotaur, you will not be able to get out of the maze. Secretly passed a ball of thread. Daredevil tied a thread near the entrance to the gallery and unwound on the road. After defeating the monster, the hero on this trail was able to go back and bring all those sentenced to the victim of the Minotaur. The thread of Ariadne is a way out of a difficult situation, she pointed the way, so it is also called a guide.I took the myth as the basis of the concept and tried to connect with the nature of the Decorative lake.

Project description

Decorative lake Zheleznovodsk is located at a short distance from the resort part of the city.This place is designed for active recreation, any activities in the city.

Technical information

On the shore of the lake I have provided a walking area, an area with access to water for swimming, a picnic area, sanitary facilities and a large amphitheater, a hut with sheds for parents with children and pensioners.

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