Manjil's Island Hotel and Entertainment Complex

Mahsa Hazbi, Mohammad Hadi Hazbi
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Iran, fortunately, is one of the most energy-rich countries in the world. except of oil and underground resources, Iran has an energy level of excellent solar radiation and very good wind and water energy (in certain areas). Considering the location of the city of Manjil within the northern-southern corridor of Iran and the development of the railroad on its margin, and the investment of leading energy industries (especially wind energy) due to the high potential of energy production, as well as the introduction of an energy sample area One of the reasons for choosing this place is the world with the goal of expanding alternative energies. This project designed base on BIM (Building Information Modeling) and hoped to be effective by creating the appropriate sense of space for the culture instrument in relation to the proper culture of dealing with the environment.

Project description

Considering the above, we decided to plan for a tourist and accommodation complex with an approach of development and sustainable architecture, Which makes this the focus of the use of environmental energy, the real sense of the urgent need of society, the creation of an appropriate environment for the public, and ultimately the transfer of message and the culture of optimal energy consumption to society can be achieved.

Technical information

In this plan, a recreational complex including a hotel - a public park - a diverse canoe raft - a recreation area for rooftops - parking and sports facilities (connected with the hotel) are planned and designed. The same use of environmental energy. The effort to supply energy is shaped by its impact, cost reduction and the creation of appropriate quality that will affect the community and the topics of the production of appropriate cultures of today.

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