Tube Office

Le Thanh Thuong
MienTay Construction University
Viet Nam

Project idea

The office is already familiar with the concept of "boxes" created no different from the machines that consume energy sources for the workplace environment (air conditioning, lighting, printing equipment. ..). In the specific case here, the office building is located in a rather unfavorable position due to the lack of double-sided lighting and the heat from the solar radiation. Therefore, the design point of view is to turn those adverse conditions into useful resources to minimize the energy used during the operation of the building.
The goal of the project is to create a working environment with a balance between nature and people. Change the perspective of offices today - it is no longer closed boxes with air conditioning and artificial light.

Project description

1. Analysis of local climatic conditions, based on the monsoon tropical climate in Vietnam as a basis for design.
2. Investigate the effects that the project can create when it was built in real.
3. Ground plann, workspace, correlation between architecture and environment
4. Research the cores structure of the building

Technical information

The hollow core structure is the most important element of the building. Hollow cores from the roof (9th floor) come down to the lobby (1st floor) allowing natural light throughout the building.
The building has all 7 cores, made of steel pipes. They serve as load-bearing cores, which also act as tubes that allow light to penetrate the entire building

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