FLEXIBLE SPACE - Adaptable pneumatic pavilion

Peter Kovac
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of architecture, Ljubljana

Project idea

Idea of the project came along with the requirements of the competition - to design a visionary multifunctional space ‘Flexible space’. A space which could change its shape throughout its lifespan. I saw potential in pneumatic structures where creating a space-changing environment seemed to be possible. Conventional pneumatic structures are dreary and do not have much of architectural quality, however they have great structural properties of covering huge spans. The design idea was to improve the rigid geometry of pneumatic structures that is conventionally determined with the cutting pattern during the manufacturing process. Fullfiling the challange of getting more than one geometry from the same cut pattern (adaptable structure), boasts with better ecological, economical and functional aspect as well as improving its architectural factors such as: changing light conditions, improved shading, changing the space intimacy, acoustics and ambientality. Instead of having multiple air cushions (with diffetent cut patterns) for different type of events, only one pneumatic structure is needed to generate multiple geometries. Through the concept models I have discovered a distinctive geometry-changing pattern which was afterwards applied on architectural scale of pavilion. Connecting certain points between a cushion air chamber genetrates a distinctive double curved surface, which ensures global structural stability and creates uniqe space beneath the structure. Architectural application of such idea gives us numerous geometries for different types of building's uses. One of the possible geometries was proved to be feisible through a concept model and computionaly simulated model. The same geometry is also presented as architectural project of Adaptable pneumatic pavilion as canopy roof.

Project description

Inflatable canopy roof is designed as a semi-opened space. Multi-functional nature of the building allows hosting different types of events up to 1000 people. Canopy roof is situated on to the platform with already built-in underground service area. Platform is coincidentally situated in Rosensteinpark in Stuttgart. However Adaptable pneumatic pavilion can be placed wherever since, pneumatic structures are very lightweight and can be removed, transported and built quickly on the any other site. Proposed solution for canopy roof offers opportunity to change geometry by manipulating the inflated area with detachable joints. Different double curved shapes can be generated with different joints as shown in the graphics attached.

Technical information

Multi-purpose canopy roof that can accommodate up to 1000 people.

Concerts: up to 1000 people (standing)

Fairs: up to 41 stands and 500 people

Assemblies: up to 300 people (sitting)

Further technical specifications:

Material used for the air cushion:
PVC membrane POLYMAR by MEHLER Texnologies
weight of 650 g/m, tensile strength warp/weft of 2500/2500 N/50 mm, tear strength warp/weft of 250/250 N, fire behavior less than 100 mm per min.

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