Street Sports +

Christan Runge, Martin Sierp
Munich University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Architecture

Project idea

Nowadays sports become more and more important in our daily lives. With our fitness, health and sports orientated society, our infrastructure needs to handle many challenges. Constantly new sport trends pop up and attract more people.
But is our infrastructure ready for the future of sports?
This was our task to find a solution for modern sport buildings in the winter term 2018/19 at University of applied science in Munich.
We developed Street Sports +, a combination of skating, soccer, parkour running, bouldering, fitness, dancing and dinning with several indoor and outdoor areas.

Project description

The site is located right in the center of Munich with easy and quick access by public transportation, foot, bike or car. The area is a small park right next to the Maximiliansplatz, which has sadly no current use.
The design of Streets sports + keeps the passage through the park and creates a new hotspot on the remaining property. The new building is separated in three parts. Left and right of the shortcut are two main volumes which pick up the orientation of their neighbors. In the middle is a bridge, which connects the two structures and meanwhile allows a free passageway through the area.
The sport activities are mainly located in the two main spots and have always a doubled ceiling-hight (6m), whereas the changing rooms, toilets, showers and the necessary facilities are situated in the bridge and only have a normal ceiling- hight (3m). Every floor has two different sport areas with his designated changing rooms. The Dinning areas in the top two floors should attract people to stay and have a drink or a meal with an outstanding view over the beautiful city of Munich.
The exterior and interior design focuses on a rough, industrial and modern character with a strong steel construction, polycarbonate walls, concert floors and fin stainless-steel mash serve as a ball barrier. With this special design the building really stands out between the existing buildings and transports the street-style character to the outside. This highly flexible design offers the possibility to easily adapt to modern and future sport trends on multiple locations.
With Street Sports + we don’t just aim on an economical and high profitable sports center, but also on a social infrastructure, which provides kids and teenagers a cheap/free place to hang out after school, do sports they like in a save and secure environment. In the evening and on the weekends the building is only open for paying costumers. All user have to register and pay at computer terminals, wich should reduce the cost of employers. The dinning area with a rooftop terrace and a unique view over the city centre will round off the economical concept.
The proposed energy concept provides an 300 kWP photovoltaic system in the roof, ceiling heating and cooling panels hooked up to the city distance heating system. The big sports halls are based on natural fresh air ventilation. Only in the fitness area, changing rooms and the dinning area are mechanically ventilated.
Street Sports + is striving to be a role model for a future building concept, which flexibly combines different types of sports and recreation spaces under one roof to create a new kind of urban hotspot.

Technical information

To achieve a rough, industrial and modern character the building is based on a strong steel construction, polycarbonate walls and concert floors. All the materials are basic and don't hide any of the necessary construction or installation.


Christan Runge

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