A house for a family+1

Alireza Hemmati
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

We know so many families that have relatives far from themselves. Based on Iranian culture, they never let them stay in a hotel when they come to meet each other for a couple of days. So they need a house to support the needs for the while.

Project description

According to the idea, I tried to compose two units , colors , surfaces and... because two different families gonna live there but not seperated. They are relatives, they have connections.
Another issue that affects the design process is sustainability adoption.
The site is considered in a cold climate. So this situation needs more isolated spaces and more galssy surfaces to gain more sunlight and sunheat.
There is a void in the central core of the building that can achieve more sunlight for the heart of the building.

Technical information

It's a 2-floors house. Ground floor is for semi private spaces and a single bedroom for old people that cannot go through the stairs.
The first floor is for private spaces with a common terrace.
The access to the roof is provided in the terrace.

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