Center of Innovation in Bratislava (STU) Transformation of the courtyard

Abdullah Arshad, Talha Qadir, Wajiha Sidique
University of Karachi, Department of Visual Studies

Project idea

Our concept was the celebration of promenades, Architectural elements like Ramps,
staircases. Architectural elements should be celebrating and bold rather than just a utility for vertical
transportation. we wanted to create a space that is intractable and leisure like free of dictation.
The space should have the capacity to bend or change its utility and it should be accessible in a
way that accessibility explore the space rather than becoming a dark or movement space. it could
also be stile yet moving like a dancer moving on an ancle yet giving the feeling of comfort
by showing possibilities. The spline curve represents the accessibility or human circulation of
design. celebrating the passageway with enclosed and open spaces. Our designed proposal is on six
different levels but becoming a one entity by 15 ft wide curve
ramp revolving like a snake around enclosed spaces actually it was inspired the large hadron
collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and highest energy particle collider between Switzerland
and France. The large hadron collider was built to help answer some of the fundamental open
questions in physics. The whole Corridor is like tube that initiate the particle into full speed than
make collapse with each other in the same way the ramp is leading from the basement revolving
around information passed by exhibition up till the science and research center.

Project description

The reason to give such a proposal was the STU context and STU requirement because currently
STU is quite rigid like typical engineering and science institution, we wanted to bring some joy
yet it will still represent the science by visual designed elements. In the proposed zoning the utilization
of curves to create a play full space but blend in. It was carefully envisioned to not to disturb the hierarchy
and existing vistas. Enclosed space is covered by keeping at least 20 ft distance from existing buildings.
The proposed space experience starts by showing the entrance at 12ft level to allow the user
to experience the (SJF) auditorium building metal curved auditorium in front of it. The exhibition
proposed space is sunken in the basement open from above so that user can also experience it by a
bird view. The journey goes own by ramp leveling up giving the view of the campus to the cafeteria
then gradual leveling up reaching media library, till it reaches its highest point in research center at 55ft.

Technical information

The structure of this project is consisting of Concrete, Steel and glass. Basement is designed totally of concrete columns 18 x 24 grid system for the convenience of parking.

The Ground floor is designed on the SRC steel columns connected to the steel beams and the pre cast concrete slab over the steel beams. The ground floor, first floor, second floor and third floor will follow the same Structural system of SRC, steel beams and pre cast slab.

From fourth floor to fifth floor, which is the circular Research center, would be standing on round concrete columns originated from basement. The circular research Center will be consisting of typical RCC structure. Columns eliminating from existing lab.


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