Embassy of the Czech Republic in Addis Abeba

Jakub Vašek
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The building, with its significant function, enters the site whose characteristics do not correspond to the importance of the building. It is very difficult to find supportive urbanistic consequences. Built-up area - clusters of often illegal buildings form an organic hub, which is gradually being replaced by the first fragments of the new urban blocks. The gradual filling of the spaces defined by the regular street network became the primary impulse of the newly designed building. In essence, a solitary building tries to respond to the current state and especially to the future. In essence, a solitary building tries to respond to the existing as well as the future state of the surroundings. Despite a lot of limiting elements, it tries to create urban-forming components. It makes a springboard for the development of the site. It's not hiding behind a barrier like a lone giant. Goes to the border, to the closest possible contact. It creates a dialogue with its surroundings, it does not close itself off. Yet it retains dignity in its form - it does not cringe in the corner. It reflects the utopian vision of our republic - a vision of a sovereign state that opens up to anyone who wants to conduct a meaningful conversation with it and at the same time shows its strength to those who would like to disturb its integrity. The element of openness - dialogue, is transferred to an open pre-space (urban square) where anyone can come and can conduct a conversation in a figurative sense. The impression of sovereignty is depicted in a very strict representation of the western facade, which clearly defines the boundary that can only be overcome by common agreement.

Project description

A simple and quite logical assumption that a relatively young city will gradually change its face. This vision is likely to be met in the next several years. Its main structure will be a regular street network, which at this time is a signal that a grouping of urban blocks will arise. And it is the embassy object that should be the first cornerstone of this future transformation. From it, new objects should be reflected and should continue the trend it has set.

Technical information

Dominant building material is the exposed concrete, which is visible in its revealed and raw form. Significant material intertwined throughout the building from the
vertical and horizontal load-bearing structures to the sun screens gives the building seriousness and creates a sovereign impression. The use of this material and in this intransigent form refers to the work of architect Bočan and the first lady of the Czech architecture - Alena Šrámková.


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