The villa for a musician OR "struggling between universes"

Ali Joursaraei
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Architecture, rather than merely creating space for human protection, should create an environment that makes sense for people to dream and dream about. We need to take this consumption-driven ideology and pragmatic pragmatic look from architecture, architecture must be able to think of the audience. All post-modern buildings designed by renowned architects are deeply psychologically depressed and unable to become an environment
hologram for shaping an identity in human memory, but we've seen for centuries that The classical architecture had the ability to become a personality character for its users in a psychological sense, architecture must fit into the sensational dialectics of space that is no longer seen in the human eye, which means that instead of excitement Engage your audience and engage the senses to investigate the meaning of its inner and outer form, silence and age
Gini His sincerely simplicity through the language of the body and in a timely manner allows human beings to interpret and develop conceptual perceptions and conceptions. In this essay, we tried to uncover the notion that it is now more unfamiliar and inaccessible, and decipher its essence. And in this discovery, we have also benefited from the outstanding works of architects
who have succeeded in this path. To be more precise, This is my goal to making our architectural world more like our dreams... then let me introduce you to a surrealism universe.

Project description

The villa has a very sophisticated structure for insulating structures and equipment. For example, a nano-composite shell is used to create an inner skeleton, as well as wood-borne pages for the outer form. For a floating and solid floor level, the villa is made of laminated wood in interaction with steel, which has the ability to change height and shape. The interior plan is also in its most liberal form, so that it can be considered as a strong point in interior design.

Technical information

This project has undergone a completely unconscious process for design. In this way, the environment and the needs of the employer were studied and then entered into the design phase of the concept and promotion. And then with the capabilities of the software architecture we gave a realistic and fully realistic mold design.

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