Hypermarket Cocept Design

Alireza Hemmati
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

When we think about marketing, the first things comes to our minds are customer and seller. They are the main characters in this field.
The idea came from the relation between those 2 characters ( customer and seller). They always pat about the price and some stuff like that till finding a point of inflection. That turning point is a concentrated point that both accept.
In history of marketing, it mentioned that 2 related guys brought their products that the other needed to make an agreement.
This point is the same point even in modern marketing because this is the joint that make them according to each other.

Project description

This project is just an idea for the concept of the form of building and there is no programming plan for it.

Technical information

The main material is concrete but it can be composed by wood.
It contains 2 floors.
Ground floor is the main area for marketing.
First floor is provided by Cafe, Restaurant, Entertainment and...
Upper floor is accessible by both inside and outside.

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