Gallery of modern art

Adam Rössler
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The area we have designed is located in Prague 5 – Na Neklance. Our project includes a layout of 3 public facilities buildings and 4 apartment buildings which divide the area into smaller parts. The main concept is based on the idea of a barrier created by the public buildings. The barrier allows to separate the forest from the modified area, but we have let the forest pass through in one point in the middle.

Project description

We propose the underground garage parking for public in the first floor underground. The second floor underground is intended for the residents. Gallery of modern art dominates to the whole space such as a high-rise building located close to the entrance so people can see it also from the frequented street. Shape of the building sets off the slope with its reversed inclination. The interior is designed as an open space, that provides the insight into all floors. The space is well illuminated thanks to the interesting facade, which also connects visitors with the outside. In addition to the exhibition area there is a café, where the visitors can relax and have a refreshment.

Technical information

The building is a concrete pillar skeleton. The casing is steel and glass self-supporting. Individual floors are not the same plan. The building allows a view to the lower floors.

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