A villa for break free

Ali Joursaraei
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Inspired by a song from Freddie mercury, this project was a villa for a family with artistic passion, mother of family always wants to being at the place full of emotion and romantics signs. Then father always had a interest to mysterious and with potential to enrolling parties there. Also they had not any kids. Well from the very beginning a idea from a memorable song appeared into my mind as a designer, Why? Because they wants a break free from their routine lifestyle and boring apartment at the city center. Above all, it's going to be like a interaction with their illusion and dreams from their youth to the moment. Well I decided to making everything a little faded and romance with comical lines and faded materials, mixing with mysterious atmosphere around and between the villa. It's the exact way for "wanting a break free".

Project description

The villa is a real project and it's under construction at the Tehran province in Iran. All the needs and budget and limitation was definitely heavy pressure to designing. Site plan was full of classical villa with some ugly first generation modern apartments. First of all, the imagine and needs from client was important and crucial for me, then according to my style and pathway in architecture I began with sketch and painting from site plan and my imagination at the time. After while, all the form and shapes just became out and building started his existence at the world of their audiences.

Technical information

Everything just began from line and colors in my notebook. Then this illusions became real and so practical with computer software. At the end of the story clients just surprised and building goes to construction ways.

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