Restaurant on the Štvanice Island

Anna Karbanová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

Štvanice Island is abandoned place in Prague, but it has great potential to become an iteresting place, where would people spend their free time. At the moment there is a big tennis centre, which is used by pro-tennis players. One of the reason the island is so dead is poor connection with the other city parts.

Project description

Idea of project was to connect the island with city part Karlín to make access easier and to create something what would offer space for people to enjoy their free time. The project consists of three buildings. It the biggest one there is a restaurant. In the second one there is a sport equipment rental and small fastfood. In the last one there is a semi-roofed terrace.

Technical information

Load bearing construction is made of steel columns and beams. On the beams are placed prefabricated concrete slabs. Walls and partitions are made of bricks. Facade is cladded with aluminium plates. There is used an acodrain system to levy water from roof. The acodrain system make a grid which is filled with glass or aluminium plates. There are LED-stripes and milk glass in the acodrain system. Walls which are faced to the footbridge are cladded with polished sheet metals.


This project was made at the CTU in Prague. The Design Studio led Ing. arch. Vladimír Gleich and Ing. arch. Miroslav Němeček

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