Restaurant Crystal

Růžena Mašková
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The main idea of project is to create a dominant on the quiet island of Štvanice, which is located between two busy parts of Prague. A place for rest and good food ( such as work pauses) . In its look, the building represents a crystal buried in the land, which is attracted especially in the night by its enlightenment and an invisible part of the restaurant.

Project description

The location of the restaurant on the island is based on the three main approaches to the island - which is the access from the Negrelli viaduct, the ferry from Holešovice and the designed footbridge from Karlín. The footbridge allows access to the restaurant mainly for employees from administrative buildings in Karlín. The restaurant is divided into two parts. In the glass facade there is the sales area itself, which encourages the impression of the visitors that they are in the countryside. In the full facade, there are facilities for staff, kitchen, hygienic facilities and additional facilities (such as segway and bicycle rentals). The sales department itself is divided into two floors.

Technical information

The construction of the restaurant is made of steel skeleton. The steel profiles are attached in the case of a full facade titanium sheet and in the case of glazed facade glazing covered by a pressure bar ( see detail on the layout ). I place the object on the artificial platform, because on the island is the flood area.

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