An Inexpensive House for a Farmer

Alireza Hemmati
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The idea came from the farm. The farmer needs to oversee the workers that are working in the front farm, and also wants to live there with his/her family. The project should have included of a living unit and a working unit for the farmer. So it has been decided to design a 2 floor building which has the mentioned features.

Project description

The brick and concrete were the materials chose for the project.
The living unit is a 2-bedroom area (included of toilet and bath) with the kitchen and living room.
The working unit ; which is in the upper floor , has a bedroom and a toilet.

Technical information

Mentioned in the diagram picture, it's used to say that the empty space caused by farmer's overseeing, has an effect on the roof so the openings are provided to discharge the wind power.
The structure in this building is pillar and beam.
Area : 216 sqm

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