The metamorphosis of a cube

Ali Joursaraei
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

I deeply believe that art and technology in the present century will find a level of ingenuity and crystallization that will no longer be different from magic and mystery to perceive the human mind. Modern now has more duty than a shelter in our social and environmental realm, now the time It is that architecture becomes a member of the body of our collective and individual memories. Just as the churches in the last centuries made the turning points and symbolic places in the city, now is the time for our young generation of young architects to build their own world and architecture, it's a bit painful and time-consuming, of course, but at the end of this Metamorphosis is the only way to save the absurd and depressed personality of modern humans.

Project description

An art and therapy center that has a concept beyond its time. A plan that has a parametric dimensionality and balance. A kind of creativity that contributes to the progression of meaning in the memory of the audience as a memory. This tower can experience different uses over time.

Technical information

This design is one of the few projects that can modify the form at any time, and can be given different degrees of modalities based on the needs or permissions of the various environments. In the design process, like my other works, I first started with sketch, then progressed toward the form and the internal map, and eventually reached an unity in the outer and inner body. Of course, software and climate studies played an important role in this direction.


Thank her for tragedy, I need it for my ART

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