The loneliness Cafe

Ali Joursaraei
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

What is tomorrow ? To get there, you must escape from the community, from friends, from your own. In the history of art and philosophy, loneliness has always been the fundamental principle for human spiritual growth. Leonardo da Vinci lived alone in ruined houses for about three years. Nobody knows why, but the answer is always loneliness for human being. Architecture as an attachment and soundtrack to all human beings in history. should teach us that we can practice and enjoy our loneliness even in the busiest and most turbulent places. The cafe must be so emotional and stimulating for the unconscious that invites him to think and imagination. Like austerity caves for medieval humans. There is something inside our sense and identity, in our solitude about dark side of our soul.

Project description

This project tries to give us a meaning-oriented behavior and a deep sense of the sense of harmony and interference of the loneliness and social spaces. A deep and simple sense of sensation for easy perception.

Technical information

Like all influential projects, and of course underestimated in all parts of the world. This project also started with a concept and concept of artistic and crucial concept. Then, it was done on the research idea to get the form to get the form. It was created with sketches and peripheral drawings on the actual site. In the end, with different software applications, the model was formed and became the design stage of the structure and now it runs its own implementation. A project that takes a moment to be present among humans.


Thank her for tragedy, I need it for my ART.

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