intrernational airport

Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

‏Coral is like a building, and many fish lives in it, and the corals are their home, the corals are alive and even slowly move and fight with other corals.
‏A coral daily takes a lot of fish, such as an airport that accommodates many passengers daily, and if coral is not at sea, many fish will die and the presence of coral is mandatory, as is the airport's existence for each country. And the area is essential

Project description

Considering the design of the airport on the beautiful Kish Island, we decided to use the native forms and concepts of the island, and one of the most famous ones, which is for all the memorials of Kish Island, is coral and shells, So we inspired coral and shells to design the airport building

Technical information

We want the airport building to look like coral that dies and comes to the beach , and at first glance we feel like a stone, but then we notice the movement and its arches like a real coral


Design with my firend Nafise Kalantari

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